QuickBooks Error 102

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QuickBooks accounting software is among the top-rated accounting software that is available in the market. This software caters to several million users all across the globe. With the help of this software, the users are efficiently able to handle all their accounting requirements. One issue which the users often come across while working of QuickBooks is when they have to face error 102. This is an issue which you would face when the website of the bank is facing some technical or functional issues. You can also come across this issue when there is some server malfunctioning. The users have the option of connecting with QuickBooks Customer Support Number, where they would get all the required assistance. The users can also go through this entire blog by which they would get a clear understanding of the issue.

Fix Quickbooks error 102

Ways to solve QuickBooks Error 102

The ways in which the users can solve QuickBooks Error 102 is as given below:

Solution 1: Check for the updates which are available for your QuickBooks Online

The users would have the option of manually updating their information on QuickBooks Online. The users would simply have to press the update tab, which is on the upper right corner of the website. The users would have two option to update, which are as given below:

Automatic Updates: When the server for your QuickBooks is unable to retrieve your information from your account, at that moment, it makes at least five attempts in the next five hours. The information which is shared totally depends on the bank. The users also have the option of turning the Auto Update off or on.

Manual Updates: There are certain accounts in QuickBooks which would require manual updates. You would then receive notification regarding the same. To manually update the accounts, the users would have to follow the below-given steps:

  • Click on the banking option, which would be available on the left pane of your menu.
  • Further click on the checkboxes of the unwanted accounts. The remain accounts would then remain selected.
  • Now press of the update now option.
  • You would then be notified to fill the Multi-Factor Authentication details.
  • Then the users would have to click on Continue to update the accounts.

Solution 2: Verify the Account Details

If you are unable to log into the account successfully, then you would have to check whether you have received any information from the bank. It is also advised that the users check the account summary and history along with the transactions for any problems.

Solution 3: Make sure that the account used is an old account.

There are multiple occasions when the user is using a new account, they might encounter certain technical malfunctions, and the new accounts would not function accurately with Online Banking. When the users find themselves in a similar position, then they have the option of connecting with QuickBooks Contact Number. This service is accessible throughout the day, and it entirely free of charge.